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About me

Hi, my name is Kazimierz Sajkowski and I’m a web developer currently living in Bolton. I have been working in the web related industry since 2006. Mostly as a Web Developer / programmer.

Experience timeline:

  • Docnet Ltd


    I've been with Docnet quite some time already. Out of all the things I would consider working on the Sprint API and SDK as the most significant.

    Technologies: PHP, HTML, JS, CSS

  • Freelance


    During that time I finished a few smaller projects and developed a new CMS I've been planning to do already for some time.
    But the most significant project done in this time frame is the new version of Roxan.pl, which went live recently.

    Projects: Roxan.pl, Hemilab, Aura Mayfair and many more

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS

  • Yakamedia


    Position: Senior Developer, then Lead Developer

    During my work at Yakamedia at first I was creating projects using their own CMS called CubeSystem. Then after getting more familiar with it and a few months of work (while doing various web project) I became responsible for its further development and maintenance.

    Projects: Balviten, Gluttinio and many more

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS

  • Looknet


    Position: Junior Developer, then Developer and finally Lead Developer

    Creating websites based on companies CMS called FineCMS. Later leading the development of the FineCMS myself. Creating project briefs. Slicing and coding various website designs into XHTML and CSS.

    Projects: Roxan.pl, Fishing Nordkapp, Biogaz Instalacje and many more

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS

  • Datar Sp. z o.o.


    Position: Junior Developer

    My main task was to modify existing application (EuroPOS), which was an application for fiscal printers, Also in the mean time I had the chance to create an mini-web app for time management.

    Technologies: Visual C+ MFC, PHP, SQL Server

  • Magnum Sp. j.


    Position: Junior Developer

    There were two main projects I had a chance to work on here: EWO and Sekretariat and both of them were done for one of the biggest polish charity organisations. EWO dealt with reports sent from the bank regarding wire transfers, which then were divided into various charity actions led by the client.
    Sekretariat on the other hand was a system that dealt with internal flow of documents.

    Projects: EWO, Sekretariat (both intranet, sorry!)

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS

  • Bitcomp Oy


    Position: Intern

    While studying in WISZ I had the chance to take part in a Leonardo project which allows students for internships in various companies around Europe. My internship took place in Bitcomp Oy (Finland), where my tasks were:

    1. create a basic helpdesk web application
    2. integrate the helpdesk with a bug tracking system, the employer already had

    Technologies: PHP, SQL Server, JS, HTML

  • Wyzsza Informatyczna Szkola Zawodowa


    Received degree: Inżynier

    Type of studies: full time, engineering, majoring in databases.

    Currently WISZ doesn’t exist anymore because it was taken over by PWSZ (another university in Gorzów Wlkp.).

    ul. Myśliborska 34
    66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.

Download my CV as PDF

Programming Skills:

  • HTML5

    •  75%
  • CSS3

    •  85%
  • PHP5

    •  90%
  • JavaScript

    •  75%
  • jQuery

    •  95%
  • Sencha Touch (ExtJS)

    •  25%
  • SQL

    •  60%
  • scale

    • medium
    • good
    • very good

Language Skills:

  • scale

    • basic >25
    • medium >50
    • good >75
    • very good >=100
  • Polish (native)

    • reading 100%
    • writing 100%
    • speaking 100%
  • English

    • reading 100%
    • writing 90%
    • speaking 85%
  • German

    • reading 75%
    • writing 60%
    • speaking 70%
  • Russian

    • reading 30%
    • writing 20%
    • speaking 25%
  • actuall skills listed

    • reading
    • writing
    • speaking

Personal Skills:

  • Being able to imagine what a project should look like just after a quick glance at the brief.
  • Great attention to details when slicing and coding layouts.
  • Trying to make the code as SEO friendly as possible on the go and also reduce the DOM tree as much as possible.
  • Getting used to new systems (Frameworks) quite fast thanks to working on a few different ones in my past.
  • The ability to quickly fix issues that occur in the production environment (on clients working websites).
  • Quick reaction in critical situations - even if it’s past my usual working time.
  • Moderate knowledge of the Unix / Linux systems regarding dedicated servers (both Apache and Nginx).

Programs I’m using:

  • Sublime Text 2 - my current editor of choice.
  • Adobe Photoshop - used mostly for slicing projects (PSD’s).
  • SVN - basic knowledge.
  • Mozilla Firefox - my main tool while developing websites. Used with:
    • Firebug (!!!) - essential! In my opinion still better than Chrome Developer Tools.
    • HTML Validator - very handy for finding any HTML errors.
    • ColorZilla - sometimes it’s just easier to use a colorpicker istead of browsing all the CSS rules for an element.
  • IETester - a usefull tool but lately became a bit obsolete since IE9 came out, which successfully supports various compatibility modes.


Here are some of the projects I have been working ON. These are only a few, but I prefer it that way since I will be able to show them with an appropiate (long) description, which will point out the parts of the project that are worth mentioning.

  • Roxan.pl

    My history with Roxan.pl is quite long, and began in 2008. It involves completing two versions of the main service (first in 2008, second in 2012) and numerous sub-services.

    Roxan.pl itself is a service listing VIP (and some less VIP) escorts from the whole country.

    If you're interested in more details you can read a separate write up I made about it.

  • Nordkapp

    Website of a fishing base called "North-star" which is located on the Mageroya island, which is the farthest place north in Norway,

    Elements of the website that are worth mentioning are:

    1. A module which gives directions regarding setting up a route to the base. Created using the Google Maps API.
    2. Booking calendar with a web form for making reservations.

  • Balviten

    Website and a webshop of a polish manufacturer of gluten-free food. The project was done using Cube System (Yakamedia's CMS and e-commerce platform), but with many smaller and bigger changes and tweaks. Some of them were:

    1. Adding items to the shopping cart is done via an AJAX request, which made the shopping experience much more "fluid".
    2. Shopping lists (for registered users), which allow to add all the items added from the list to your shopping cart just by one click.
    3. Shopping calendar - the user can set up reminders regarding upcoming events (like a birthday, which probably will require some bigger than usual purchases).
    4. Additional shipping costs for special items which require unique packing (like dumplings).

  • rus.mil.pl

    This page centers around the topic of Soviet and Russian uniforms, vest, weapons and other gear used by soldiers (which I'm a collector of). It is my own website/project made and run together with Michał Wachowski. The webpage can be divided into two parts:

    1. The main page with articles and news - coded mostly by Michał, with some little changes and tweaks by me (mostly XHTML and CSS-related stuff)
    2. The forums - which works based on the old Vanilla forum engine. This part was heavily modified both with already made plugins and ones we made on our own.

    One of the changes I made to rus.mil.pl was preparing the mobile version for the forum, so that users can browse it easily even when they only have their cellphones/smartphones at hand. This feature became quite usefull on a few military shows when discussing some of the topics live ;-)

    Currently the website is only in Polish but we are considering launching it also in English. The biggest problem at the moment are... the articles. There are quite a few of them (over 60 at the moment) and rewriting them in English is going to be rather time comsuming and since we are still trying to add something new it's hard to find enought time to actually take care of the old ones.


If you would like to contact me feel free to do so. You can reach me either by email, phone or via any of the social sites I’m using. There is also a contact form below, which will send me an email - but please remember to verify if you wrote your email address correctly. otherwise I won’t be able to reply to your message!

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